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Please note we work behind closed doors so we can get your order out in the best quality and timeframes. 
Interruptions affect eta's, but we realise some customers prefer face to face contact.  If you could be prepared before your appt with as much information as possible that would cut down a lot of back and forth for all parties. 
We are space limited, if you could have the min amount of people with you on the day. There is equipment in the office, we prefer no children in the consult area and we take no responsibility for any accidents if you do bring your children in. Any equipment breakdowns that are caused by prying hands may need to be paid for to be fixed. 

Book for the allocated timeslot that suits you. You can arrive between 15 mins of booking but appt needs to be finalised by the end of booking time. (10.15 end at 11.00)

**If these booking times do not suit, please email for an appt

Book for Appointments

  • Book here for quick drop offs and pickups

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    15 min

  • This is for all enquiries that require longer than 15 mins

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    1 hr

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